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GETUS Fibre or GETUS Cable Internet


GETUS Fibre or GETUS Cable Internet

How it works and what’s the right home internet fibre plan for you

When you learn your neighborhood is getting GETUS home internet fibre service, it’s just natural to want to see how it actually works.

In today’s world, you should carefully consider which home internet fibre plan is right for you, as good home internet connection has become more important than ever before due to the rise of working from home, home schooling, and the need for entertainment – it requires careful planning.


GETUS Fibre Internet: GETUS’ Symmetrical high-speed fibre direct to the home is the best way to get the fastest home internet connection.

It is important to note that GETUS Fibre Internet is actually fibre to the home (FTTH) technology that delivers a full fibre and unfiltered connection directly to GETUS all the way to your house not using any copper wiring.

This is the fibre method that’s the best option for most residential internet and ideal, giving you superior performance. Since fibre is installed directly into homes and doesn’t use coaxial cables or copper wiring, this means it renders greatest bandwidth, lightning-fast and highest reliability of all home internet transmission methods.


GETUS Fibre Internet works like this:

We’ll install full fibre from our nearest central office to a box called an optical network terminal (ONT) as near as possible as where you live that is positioned inside or outside your home which connects to the router. This is how we deliver full-fibre direct to your home -every step of the way.


GETUS Cable Internet: GETUS Fibre network, cable to the door – Best Availability

GETUS Cable Internet is fibre connection to the cabinet/curb, neighborhood or street. Fibre is delivered to a street cabinet, which distributes the signal over copper wires to individual houses. It does not require costly infrastructure needed to provide fibre internet access since it is already in place, it’s the most affordable form of home internet fibre connection.


What type of home internet fibre connection is suited for your needs?

The answer to this question depends on where you live. If you live in an area served by both fibre connections, the primary factors influencing your decision will be based on how much you currently use the internet, how many people in your household use the internet, and how many smart devices are in your home?

If you use the internet mainly to:

Check emails

Stream music

Google search

up to 5 Mbps

Stream video one device

Video calls, , voice and text chatting with Skype and FaceTime

Play games online by yourself

up to 40 Mbps

Stream HD video to one or two devices at a time

Online multi-player gaming

Download large files

up to 100 Mbps
Stream shows, video call for school or work and gamingup to 150 Mbps
Stream video and make video calls for multiple usersup to 300 Mbps
Power ultra-HD video streaming, live streaming, and multiplayer gaming.up to 500 Mbps
Stream ultra-HD content, live video feeds and multiplayer games.up to 800 Mbps
Stream seamless digital entertainment and smart home experiences!up to 1000 Mbps









GETUS Cable Internet   
Starter 10up to 1-2 devicesup to 10 Mbpsup to .5 Mbps
Moderate 25up to 3-4 devicesup to 25 Mbpsup to 2.5 Mbps
Lightning 75up to 4-7 devicesup to 75 Mbpsup to 25 Mbps
Turbo 250up to 6-10 devicesup to 250 Mbpsup to 25 Mbps
SuperMax 500up to 6-11 devicesup to 500 Mbpsup to 150 Mbps
GigaMax 1000up to 6-14 devicesup to 1 Gbpsup to 150 Mbps
UltraGig 1500up to 6-18 devicesup to 1.5 Gbpsup to 150 Mbps
GETUS Fibre Internet   
Getus Fibre Internet 75up to 4-7 devicesup to 75 Mbpsup to 75 Mbps
Getus Fibre Internet 300up to 6-10 devicesup to 300 Mbpsup to 300 Mbps
Getus Fibre Internet 1000up to 6-18 devicesup to 1 Gbpsup to 1 Gbps


*devices may vary depending on what device is used and how it’s used.

*It’s a good idea to have about 10Mbps of bandwidth for each person using the internet at home. Doubling the bandwidth to 25Mbps each user is streaming 4k ultra HD content or playing games.

So, you see, if you use the internet to stream movies and play video games at the same time with multiple users, then it may be worth upgrading your home internet connection to GETUS Fibre Internet.

Both Fibre and Cable are reliable internet to the home connections. While both are fast, GETUS Fibre Internet provides the same symmetrical (equal) upload and download speeds. If you have multiple people in your home who work from home or go to school remotely and need to video conference at the same time, then GETUS Fibre Internet can be a lifesaver.

We can examine both connection options for you so you can decide which is best for your needs and best suited for different situations.  Contact us to so we can help you compare each GETUS home internet fibre plans available in your area.