Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation of Services “In Exception to SkyRoam Solis device and/or GETUS Fiber Contract”

Requests for cancellation must occur over the phone or by live chat by the account holder with a minimum of 1-day notice and a maximum of 30-days advanced notice. All cancellations are final.

No refunds or credits are issued for any unused monthly services or hardware. Please allow 5 business days for cancellations to be completely processed.

Customers on a monthly rental arrangement for hardware may: (1) return the hardware and stop making any further Rental payments – a refund will then be issued for any hardware security deposits on the account less missing accessories; or (2) keep the hardware and pay out the remaining balance in one full payment the security deposit will be adjusted to the invoice.

All other modems/receivers/equipment are to be returned within 15 day(s) with a return label provided by GETUS Communications Ltd (directions included in cancellation confirmation e-mail from client care). Please include your Billing Account Number (BAN) on the packing slip. If the rental modem/receiver is not returned within 15 day(s) and/or is damaged, missing parts, etc the full retail price per the below table will be charged to the end-user (plus additional taxes), with any collected deposits applied first to outstanding charges.

Equipment Hardware Brand/Model Retail Price
Cable Modem Hitron CGN-CWV $68.00
Cable Modem Hitron CDA3-35 $99.99
Cable Modem Hitron CODA-45 $148.00
Cable Modem Hitron CGNM-3550 $168.00
Cable Modem Motorola SB6141 $68.00
Cable Modem Cisco DPC 3848V $98.00
Cable Modem Serecomm DM1000 $148.00
Fiber Modem Actiontec T3200 WIFI (Fibre) $300.00
vDSL Modem SmartRG 516AC WIFI (VDSL) $144.00
TV Set Top Box TV STB and remote controller $168.00
1 Line Phone adapter Grandstream HT-801 $69
2 Line Phone adapter Grandstream HT-812 $69
WIFI Mesh router Vilo WIFI Mesh router $49.00
Skyroam wireless router Skyroam Solis 1 cellular WIFI router $98.00


Accessories Retail Price
Coaxial Cable for cable Modem $16.00
RJ-11 Cable for VoIP phone adapter $3.00
CAT5 Ethernet Cable for Modem/Vilo/TV STB $6.50
Power Adapter for Modem/vilo/Tv box $25.00
HDMI Cable for CipherTV STB $13.00
TV bar Holder for CipherTV STB $6.50
TV bar retail color box for CipherTV STB $6.50
RCA/RYW cable for CipherTV STB $6.50
CipherTV IR Remote for CipherTV STB $5.15
TV bar Air Mouse and Dongle for CipherTV STB $28.95

Refunds for Addresses that do not Qualify for Service

In cases where a customer’s address does not qualify for service and upfront fees have been paid, the customer account will be issued a full refund, including service, shipping fees and hardware and invoiced service fees. GETUS will make every effort to contact the account holder in this situation, however, it is the customers ultimate responsibility to request the refund.

Restocking fees do not apply to modems/receivers that remain unopened and for addresses that do not qualify for service by our vendors.

Money back Guarantee & Cancellation prior to Activation

GETUS Communications Ltd will allow a partial refund prior to Activation date of service scheduled by the assigned vendor minus $25 (plus additional taxes) modem restocking fee for rental and/or purchased equipment returned. If a customer provided their own modem, the restocking fee does not apply.

Refunds will be provided within 5 business days of the original equipment and accessories being returned to GETUS, and to the original payment method and requests must be made by phone or e-mail.

All equipment (purchased one-time or rental) are to be returned within 15 day(s), if not returned within 15 day(s) equipment will be charged at full retail price (plus additional taxes). This only applies to services that have not yet been activated by the vendor, requests must be approved by GETUS Client Care to review order progress by the assigned vendor and will be immediately cancelled.

Modem security deposits are returned within 7 business day(s) from the modem being returned to our warehouse. This allows time for testing the equipment to ensure the state of the equipment is in good, working condition for the next subscriber. Security Deposits may not be refunded in full or partially if the device is not in good, working condition. This includes cosmetic damages and/or missing cables from when the device was provided to you.

Suspension, Collection Procedures, and Terms of Service for Overdue Accounts

Downtime Courtesy

Your account must have gone through extensive troubleshooting to be eligible to receive any refund or downtime credit. To qualify for downtime courtesy credit the issue must be on the vendor side, and not related to customer equipment, wiring or other on premise problems.

Upon verification of eligibility the account holder is entitled to an account credit of the value of the downtime. The downtime courtesy credit will be issued directly to the customer account on their next invoice.

Hardware Warranty & Returns

The manufacturer’s lifetime warranty covers all new modems and routers that have been purchased from GETUS. Used equipment will be provided in working condition, and may be exchanged for an equivalent valued device if it is found to not be working within 15-days of receipt. If any rental or loan equipment is found to be faulty, it can be exchanged at any time during the service for active clients at the discretion of GETUS Client Care.

The customer is responsible for product price difference for exchanges (if applicable).

A $25 restocking fee will apply for applicable returned and undamaged modems.

GETUS will provide customers with a Canada Post return label for hardware returns and replacements. In the event that there are missing items and the customer is required to ship them back to GETUS, the customer will be responsible for covering the associated shipping charges.

All equipment are to be returned within 15 day(s) from the date of cancellation, if not returned within 15 day(s) equipment will be charged at full retail price (plus additional taxes). This applies to all active/cancelled services and hardware exchanges.