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GETUS Communications Ltd is a telecommunication provider that believes in a unique, yet affordable client experience for Canadians and their telecommunication products and services.

Continuing to provide a unique, yet affordable experience we depend on our clients feedback to become better. In most cases, most of our new clients are referrals from satisfied end-users utilizing us for their home and business.

Our clients, in most cases don’t see any commitments or terms for our popular Cable, DSL and VoIP phone services unlike the “Big Guys”. We also provide Unlimited data in all of our home and business internet plans which most see as a significant value with more Canadians streaming and downloading more than ever before.

We promise to keep the commitment of transparency between us “our client, and the company”.

That’s our promise.


Are you with Shaw, Telus or one of the "Big Guys" for internet? If so you're automatically qualified to switch to GETUS! Rocket-fast, unlimited internet from $28.95/mo.