GETUS Communications – also known as “GETUS” is a coast to coast telecommunication service provider, offering rocket-fast telecommunication products and services to Canadian households and businesses. GETUS operates through TPIA (Third Party Internet Access) where we the ISP (Internet Service Provider) connect your home or business utilizing a last-mile vendor – often the local cable or telephone company.

Once connected and provisioned you will route through our rocket-fast, coast to coast Network where we continue to champion consumer choice at a cost that is fair to Canadians. In addition to offering an alternative service to the “Big Guys,” we also pair unlimited data to surf, stream, & download without worry starting from the low price of a cup of coffee per day.

GETUS has, and will continue to become, a household name as we continue to make significant strides all thanks to your support. Those looking to make a difference in the Canadian telecommunication landscape to ensure a more fair, competitive, and robust service can feel good about signing up with GETUS.