First off, welcome. It’s very likely that your current Internet Service Provider has opted for you the opportunity to join the GETUS family to ensure you, your family, and your friends keep well connected. We here at GETUS are ecstatic to welcome you to the GETUS family, the family that loves to surf, stream and download Unlimited. If you have received notification from your current provider of a migration to us – a welcome e-mail will follow shortly thereafter. Once you receive the e-mail; you will be able to manage all your GETUS services within the MyAccount or contact our teams directly. Until then, we kindly ask for your patience until the records have been migrated. Meanwhile; if you need assistance our Migrations team will be available to answer any questions or concerns by e-mailing [email protected].

Very likely – once we migrate your services over you will either see the same rate you had paid with your provider prior to the migration – or we’ll automatically decrease your rate to our market rate. Often; you’ll see lower prices paired with Unlimited data to surf, stream and download with GETUS! In addition, your speeds or package will not change.

Yes, absolutely. We allow our clients to upgrade, downgrade or cancel with as little as 1-day notice. Once you have been migrated to GETUS; you’ll be able to request service changes directly through the MyAccount – or by reaching our teams 24/7 by phone, 1 (800) 396-1023, by e-mail [email protected] or by Live Chat.

If you do not wish to be migrated to GETUS – please contact your current Internet Service Provider and request a cancellation. Your Current Internet Service Provider will cancel your services prior to the migration. These dates will be communicated in the notification from your current ISP.

Absolutely – we’ll even provide you a $25 bill credit for each successful sign-up, too. Once you have been migrated to GETUS; you’ll be able to activate your affiliate referral rewards program directly within the MyAccount. Our friendly 24/7 team will be happy to help get that activated, too. 🙂


GETUS Communications also known as “GETUS” is an Edmonton-based Internet Service Provider providing Internet, TV, Phone and more through our Rocket-fast, Coast to Coast Network.

GETUS operates through TPIA (Third Party Internet Access) where we the ISP (Internet Service Provider) connect your home or business utilizing a last-mile vendor – often the local cable or telephone company. Once connected and provisioned you, a GETUS client will route through our Rocket-fast, Coast to Coast Network where we continue to champion consumer choice at a cost that is fair to Canadians.

In addition to offering an alternative service to the “Big Guys”, we also pair unlimited data to surf, stream & download without worry starting from the low price of a cup of coffee per day.

Internet and Phone Packages

Have you met Solis, your new Rocket-fast Global Travel Companion?

Stronger, Connected. Get Solis 1 Refurbished for $68/one-time for a limited time only.

Unlimited data (no overage)

Data at full speed until you reach your cap, continue at 3G/2G speed thereafter until your plan automatically renews.

One data plan, more than 130 countries

Use your data plan in over 130 countries without paying a single penny more, avoid roaming charges.

No contract or credit check

Unlike the “Big Guys”, we don’t lock you into a contract or require credit checks to sign up. Services can be canceled with only one day’s notice.

Coast to Coast Network

Coast-to-coast coverage without “zones”. Canada is big, but you don’t have to worry because we have coverage where most people live and travel


Solis Hotspot Loan Included $0

Unlimited 3G/2G speeds there-after


Per Month


Solis Hotspot Loan Included $0

Unlimited 3G/2G speeds there-after


Per Month


Solis Hotspot Loan Included $0

Unlimited 3G/2G speeds there-after


Per Month


Solis Hotspot Loan Included $0

Unlimited 3G/2G speeds there-after


Per Month

GetTalk Home Phone -Unlimited Local, Canada-wide & U.S. Calling

Unlimited long distance calls within Canada and the United States of America (including Hawaii and Alaska but excluding Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands)

Grandstream HT-812 ATA Adapter Required – provisioned by GETUS for Plug & Play! GETUS Internet required.

Save Big on Unlimited local, Canada-Wide & U.S Calling