Business DSL Internet – NB / NL / NS / PEI

GETUS offers rocket-fast unlimited Internet from $28.95/mo for Home and Business from Coast to Coast using the same highway as the “Big Guys”. Canadians can now join the GETUS Advantage. GETUS also offers Domain Names, Web Hosting and Cloud Servers at some of the best rates available in the market. GETUS Provides 24/7/365 Canadian technical support, Unlimited Data included in all Internet Plans and No Contracts or Credit Checks on any of our services. It’s easy to switch to GETUS!


  • Small Biz
  • $64.95/Mo
  • 2Mbps Download
  • 640Kbps Upload
  • Unlimited Data
  • Ideal 3-5 People
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • 24/7 Canadian Support
  • Flexible - Month to Month
  • Dry Loop Incl. (Save $10/mo w/ landline)
  • $99 One-time Activation w/ 5-7 Business Day Activation from payment (Tech visit may be required)
  • Modem Purchase or Rental w/ Free Shipping
  • NB NL NS PEI Only
  • Medium Biz
  • $74.95/Mo
  • Free Activation December 2018
  • 7Mbps Download
  • 640Kbps Upload
  • Unlimited Data
  • Ideal 4-7 People
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • 24/7 Canadian Support
  • Flexible - Month to Month
  • Dry Loop Incl. (Save $10/mo w/ landline)
  • $99 One-time Activation w/ 5-7 Business Day Activation from payment (Tech visit may be required)
  • Modem Purchase or Rental w/ Free Shipping
  • NB NL NS PEI Only


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Would you GETUS?

Internet from $28.95 p/m
Rental or Purchase Option for Modem
24/7 Canadian Technical Support
Footprint in BC, AB, ON, NB, NS, PEI AND NFL
No Contracts or Commitment
No Usage Based Billing (UBB)
No Credit Checks
Yeti Recommended




Call 1.800.305.6242 ext. 1 or Live Chat below to qualify your Home or Business for GETUS today!

Deposit Required for Modem Rental

Rental Deposit of $50CAD applies to vDSL Modems w/ Wireless included. These deposits are refunded once the modem is returned (at our expense via Canada Post) with Modems being returned in good, working condition. Deposits are automatically calculated at at the checkout in additional to taxes.

Get Connected – We Love to Chat No NonSense: 1.800.305.6242 ext. 1

No Contracts - We understand that things happen, we don't lock you in to an agreement. If you're looking to make changes to your account, you're welcome to at any time.

No Credit Checks - Absolutely no credit checks being Month to Month! We want everyone to have Unlimited Internet without worry. Although, please pay your bill on-time to avoid late fees.

Activation of New Service - One-time Activation of $99 to get you Connected, the fee goes towards setting up the line to your home or business! Don't worry, it's a one-time and we promise to save you money.

Own or Hardware Rental - One-time purchase of the hardware to save monthly or rental options available - hardware options to fit any budget on GETUS Internet!

Pricing is subject to change without notice. Prices above do not include GST, HST or any applicable tax. Clients on other than listed plans will become a "grandfathered" clause. Client will need to retain the plan under the initial account provisioned, if plan is changed the "grandfathered" monthly plan will not be available. "Grandfathered" clause may not be available if service is moved to a different location.

Credit Check is not required for any services for GETUS Communications Ltd. If payment is late or suspended due to non-payment fees will be applied to the account - invoices not paid within 60 day(s) may result in collection fees and / or the credit bureau. GETUS Communications Ltd will in attempt collect the outstanding balance prior to the 60 day(s). If equipment is financed and yet to be paid in full, equipment is to be returned in full working condition within 60 day(s) of cancellation. Equipment will serve as rental vs own.

GETUS Communications Ltd cannot guarantee bandwidth speeds, although will service to provide the best connection speeds possible under our control - event of loss of speed or service network provisioning will route traffic to best serve all clients on GETUS Communications Ltd network - including all partners and affiliates.

Installation is provided by GETUS Communications Ltd and or affiliated partners, Installation windows will be provided upon signup but are not guaranteed. Client is to provide his / her own router (unless otherwise indicated), a DSL modem is also required with a charge either one-time at time at initial order or on a monthly basis.

Activation Fee of $49.00 is required and owed upfront prior to Installation and due at time of initial order to GETUS Communications Ltd. Activation Fee is non-refundable.

Monthly Internet DSL Plan is billed one month in advance, first month plus activation and either one-time modem or first month of modem payments is owed to begin activation of service with GETUS Communications Ltd. All services with GETUS Communications Ltd is non-refundable - Month to month service with a 30-day cancellation notice is required.

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Are you with Shaw, Telus or one of the "Big Guys" for internet? If so you're automatically qualified to switch to GETUS! Rocket-fast, unlimited internet from $28.95/mo.